An evaluation is being done at the Transport and Harbours Good Wharf to determine interventions that will be needed to enhance the facility.

A site visit was done this morning by Public Works Minister Bishop Juan Edghill, who was accompanied by the General Manager of Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD), Marcelene Merchant, along with her technical staff and a tenant with a lease agreement from John Fernandes Ltd (JFL).

According to the Chief Executive Officer, Philip Fernandes at JFL, the company has signed a lease agreement with the Government of Guyana to have possession of a section of the property occupied by the T&HD Goods Wharf.

During the discussions, Fernandes assured the Minister that his company stands ready once given permission to work with T&HD to facilitate improvements that are needed, including the rehabilition of sections of the wharf and buildings for admin staff.

At the end of the inspection, the Minister requested to see the lease agreements of all entities that are engaged at the said facility.


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