Police yesterday discovered a white 206 Cessna, suspected to be a Brazilian Aircraft along with three foreign nationals at the 9 Miles Airstip, Issano Region Seven (Cuyuni/Mazaruni).

The three men were only identified as: a 38-year-old pilot, from Boa Vista; a 29-year- old pilot from Temeremo Venezuela; and a 35-year-old Internet Technician from Manaus Brazil.

According to police, the men were questioned using Google Translator when they revealed that they were heading to Suriname with another aircraft when it developed mechanical problems.

As a result, the pilot crashed landed the aircraft at 9 Miles which caused one of the occupants to sustain a fractured right arm and minor bruises about his face.

Further information received, suggested that the other aircraft crashed, but same was not located.

The aircraft was examined but there was no visible damage seen on it. Searches were also conducted on the aircraft in the presence of the three passengers onboard, and on their person also, but nothing illegal was found.

Further searches were conducted in the vicinity where the aircraft was found but nothing illegal was  found either, the police said.

The three men were arrested and taken into custody along with their personal belongings namely cellphone; Satellite phone; Identification; and other items.

Items that were confiscated from the crew

The aircraft remains on the ground under police security.

Investigations are continuing.


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