Police are investigating an alleged shooting incident committed on Narindra Persaud,38, a tailor of lot 788 Onderneeming Sand Pitt, Essequibo Coast which occured on Saturday night.

Enquiries disclosed that around 19:30hrs, the victim and his wife were sitting in a hammock in the verandah when he heard his wife screaming, after which he saw two masked men standing on the opposite side of the said verandah.

One of the men, with a hand gun, pointed it toward him and ordered him to remain quiet. But Persaud became fearful for his life and got up from the hammock and ran into the house.

He subsequently heard a loud explosion and immediately felt a burning sensation on his lower right foot.

His wife ran after him and they managed to secure the door.

Persaud told police that he heard four other gun shots coming from the north eastern side of his house after which he raised an alarm and the two suspects made good their escape on foot.

Persaud was rushed to the Suddie Public Hospital where he was seen and examined by a doctor on duty and it was observed that he had a graze to his lower left foot. He was treated and sent away.

Investigation is in progress.


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