Opposition Member of Parliament (MP), Jermaine Figueira, today criticized the Irfaan Ali-led government’s plan to remove the ban on the importation of used tyres, and vehicles over eight years old.

During his presentation in during today’s session of the budgetary debate, the MP said that by removing the ban on used tyres, the government is upping the probability of increased vehicular accidents in Guyana.

Too many Guyanese have lost their lives to the carnage on the nation’s roadways, he said, while adding that the government should seriously reconsider this measure.

He further stated that by removing the ban on used tyres and “old vehicles”, the government will be enabling Guyana to become a “dumping ground”. This, the MP said, will not bode well for Guyana’s environment.

Figueira said that it was this push to preserve Guyana’s environment that led to the former David Granger-led regime imposing these measures when it got into office in 2015.

The PPP/C’s reversal of these measures in an “insult” he said and does not reflect a “caring” government.

During the reading of Budget 2020 in the National Assembly some days ago, it was the Public Works Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill who said that these restrictions were placing tremendous pressure on Guyanese, many of whom, do not have the income to purchase new tyres and vehicles above eight years old.

Since his presentation, local car dealers have shifted into overdrive to replenish their stock by placing newer model cars in their inventories on sale.
The debate is expected to conclude tomorrow at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC), Liliendaal.


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