Speaker of the National Assembly, Manzoor Nadir had reason this morning to upbraid Members of Parliament (MPs) for exhibiting what he described as actions contrary to the rules of the House.

Nadir, prior to the commencement of the budget debate, cautioned MPs that breach of privileges is a serious offense, and called for a more mature approach to dealing with utterances made in House.

“While we do exercise fairness, and patience and impartiality, we have to be guided by the rules that exist,” he said.

He made reference to an unsavoury post that was made on Social media by an MP, and asked that Chief Whips of political parties take “positive action” on behalf of their members.

Nadir said that during the debate yesterday, persons were heard shouting, “shut your mouth”, “shut up” and “lie”.

These utterances do not bode well, the speaker said, adding that MPs should be guided by the rules that govern conduct within the National Assembly.


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