The Ministry of Human Services and Social Security through the Childcare & Protection Agency (CPA) is observing Child Protection Week between September 20 and 26 under the theme, “Protecting Children and Empowering Families to Cope with the Global Pandemic.”

The Ministry said that the theme resonates with the Agency’s continued efforts to safeguard children, and build the capacity of their families to forge an environment which allows for children to reach their potential, even in this time of uncertainty.

The week is set aside annually as a national project, with the main purpose of increasing common awareness and understanding of the importance of primary prevention to reduce child abuse and neglect in the society, by instilling the core principle that child protection is everyone’s business.

Individuals, local communities and groups, including religious organisations are encouraged to take action to ensure that children’s rights are not violated and that they can live in communities where they are free from harm and abuse.

The highlight for the week is “Breaking the Silence on Child Sexual Abuse” virtual Rally, which would be held on Wednesday, September 23, 2020.

Minister Dr. Vindhya Persaud, Minister of Human Services and Social Security and child advocates will deliver remarks; while cultural activities involving children would be showcased. Child Protection Week was first observed in Guyana in 2004.


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