Education Minister, Priya Manikchand has extended an invitation to the main parliamentary opposition, the A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) to join hands with the government to ensure the positive advancement of the nation’s education sector. She issued this invite during her presentation in the National Assembly as the House debates the 2020 National Emergency Budget.

“I can say with certainty that 10 heads will always be better than one…And my position has been, always and continues to be, that I am prepared to partner with whoever is prepared to partner with us to take the education sector forward. That doesn’t mean that we have to have the same opinions. In my house, there is a difference in opinion on a large number of things, and we love each other. So, we can get by if we truly love our children,” she told Opposition Members of Parliament (MPs).

She continued: “Don’t be disruptive and obstructionist and come in here (National Assembly) and holler holler like yuh head ain’t good – let’s partner. Let us partner for the children of Guyana, because the PPP/C is on a mission which is to deliver education to all corners of this country; to every single child of this country.”

The Government of Guyana has allocated $52B to the education sector. This represents 15.8% of 2020 Budget of $330B. The sum of $17B has been allocated for the construction and rehabilitation of schools across Guyana.


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