The Chinese Embassy has lashed out at US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, for statements he made earlier today to the effect that China has a dogmatic approach when doing business with other nations. During a press conference held earlier today at State House, Pompeo said that China’s Communist Party is one that shows up with its military and commercial deeply intertwined.

“They put political pressure on countries to accept tenders from their country,” the high ranking official stated. He even alluded that China does not allow for locals to be hired when deals are struck and shows little regard for the environment, the rule of law, and countries’ sovereignty.

Clearly offended by these statements, the Chinese Embassy here also issued strong remarks of its own, as it accused Pompeo of spreading rumours and fake news. The Embassy in a missive to the press stated, “…, China develops relations with Caribbean countries including Guyana under the principles of mutual respect, equality, and mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation.”

It added, “China attaches no political strings in bilateral pragmatic cooperations, which bring tangible benefits to countries and peoples in the region. This is an objective fact that anyone without prejudice will admit.”
Further to this, the Embassy noted that the US has often abused the concept of national security while noting that it uses its power to oppress certain foreign companies. It said that the US has not only violated market principles and international rules, but also negated the principles of market economy and fair competition that it has been priding itself on. On this note, the Embassy advised that Pompeo should cease making certain remarks about China or “he will end up humiliating himself and damage his own image.”


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