Leader of the Opposition, Joseph Harmon said in the National Assembly moments ago, that he is optimistic that there can be meaningful dialogue between himself and President Irfaan Ali so that all Guyanese can be beneficiaries of the nation’s resources.

Harmon said that during the funeral of Isaiah and Joel Henry , the two cousins who were murdered several days ago, he shared a conversation with the Head of State.

It was during that conversation, Harmon said, he told Ali: “We all in this country want peace and I, as the Leader of the Opposition, am prepared to work with you for peace. But that equality and Justice must also be taken as priority,” Harmon said he told Ali.

The Opposition Leader related to the House that President Ali agreed, and that he (Harmon) hopes there can be some “meaningful dialogue on that matter”.

The Opposition Leader said that while the PPP/C was awarded more votes after the March 2 General and Regional Elections, the party must not think for a second that it represents one hundred percent of Guyana while the Opposition represents zero.

On this note, the former State Minister told the Assembly that his party will ensure that all Guyanese benefit from Guyana’s patrimony.


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