“High crime, discrimination, marginalization, and oppression” will soon characterize Guyana, said shadow Minister of Legal Affairs, Roysdale Forde yesterday as he made his contribution to the National Budget Debate.

The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) has already made known its intention to get rid of the State Assets Recovery Agency (SARA). Even before its success at the March 2020 polls, the PPP/C signaled its intention to dismantle SARA which was set up by the coalition government.

Top PPP figures like Bharrat Jagdeo and Anil Nandlall spoke extensively of the non-performance, especially considering the money that was being pumped into the agency.

But the coalition believes that the hundreds of millions that have gone into SARA, an agency that has not reached his mandate, was well spent. In fact, Forde is seeing the impending dismantle of SARA as an attack.

Forde told the National Assembly that the principal reason why the government wants to get rid of the SARA is that the agency instituted proceedings against members of the PPP/C who were considered to have improperly acquired State Assets.

Addressing the Speaker, Forde asserted that the PPP/C has always been afraid of strong independent institutions. He then told the House, “This attack on the State Assets Recovery Agency, is reprehensible and is the first salvo on the independence of Public Institutions.”

Forde continued, “Dark, Dark days are ahead…the records show whenever the PPP/C is in power, there is societal collapse, high crime, discrimination, marginalization, and oppression.”

Forde said too that the National Budget sets the blueprint for the return of societal collapse, high crime, discrimination, marginalization, and oppression.
He said that Budget 2020 fails to promote the happiness and prosperity of the Guyanese People.

Further, Forde registered that despite the “absence of wisdom and the flawed nature of Budget 2020, the other side, the fraudulent 33, unfortunately, will inevitably use their tainted authority to give effect to it, to the detriment of the Guyanese people.”


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