The Curriculum being used to educate the nation’s children is out of touch with reality and poses dangerous consequences if not reformed, Education Minister Priya Manickchand fears.

In response to a question posed in the National Assembly regarding Curriculum Reformation, the Minister was quick to note that the legislation which governs education in Guyana, is over a century old. She, however, assured the House that steps will be taken to introduce, presumably, amendment to that legislation to reflect modern reality.

“What we have been taught throughout the years have not evolved to the realities of our World and the realities of Guyana…What our children are still being taught is that “Mommy cleans and cooks in the house and Daddy goes to work”, and that does not match with the reality right now. So, that tells you how far behind [we are],” she told the House.

The Minister also said that such teachings fly in the face of the Constitution, and basic Human Rights.

“We have embraced, as a country, Gender Equality in our Constitution. Yet, we haven’t moved our Curriculum away from that kind of very insensitive [idea]… We must change the way we teach,” she emphasized.

The Member of Parliament said that the curriculum must be reformed also to enable students to be thinkers and not regurgitators. Thus, in the reformation process, unnecessary aspects will have to be eliminated.

“Guyana must evolve to become competitive, because other countries have moved pass this ‘regurgitating cram and write back’ curriculum,” she noted.

Manickchand reminded the House that Curriculum Reform is a PPP/C manifesto promise, and that any movement made in this direction will not be a “one-man effort” but must benefit from contributions from all stakeholders.


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