Registrar and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC), Dr Wayne Wesley has reported that the internal checks done at the council have not revealed any glitches in the system. He made this comment even as thousands of Caribbean students, who sat the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE), earlier this year, are expressing dissatisfaction with their results.

“We have done all our internal checks…All of our data that we have reviewed; all the things that we have looked at to ensure that our processes and systems are in place, has [sic] not revealed what is being said. And I’m asking: provide us with the information so that we can address them. And where ministries and local registrars have done so, we have addressed them,” he said during a press conference earlier today.

He said that students who have doubts about results, can request reviews.

Asked if CXC will consider an across-the-board review rather than receiving thousands of individual reviews, the registrar replied: “In the administration of our examination, there’s a rigorous quality assurance mechanism process that is executed.”

He continued: “That quality assurance mechanism ensures that there is [sic] detail checks of every single subject with a detailed report. As is customary with the end of our assessment process, there are queries that will be made. That is why there is a window between preliminary results being released, and final results being released. Those concerns that are raised, we will treat with and provide the requisite responses.”

He is urging students who have doubts about their grades, to follow the procedures outlined on the CXC website. That Query and Review process is stated as follows:

If you have questions about an Absent or Ungraded result, you may submit a Query. If you have questions about your grade and would like to have a script re-examined, you may submit a request for a Review. Queries are free and the cost per review is USD$30.00. Please note that a review of your script may result in your overall Grade either increasing, decreasing or remaining the same. If your review results in an increase in your overall grade, you will be refunded the review fee. Queries and Reviews may be submitted through schools for in-school candidates or through the Ministry of Education for private candidates. Candidates should note that the deadline for submission of Queries and Review requests is Friday 23 October 2020.

Given that thousands of students have raised concerns, the Registrar was asked if the council will waive the review fee, to which, he responded: “We have not considered that.”


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