A database of job availabilities in the private sector and the development of business models to create niche markets for vulnerable groups including single parent mothers were among areas discussed during a virtual meeting between Dr. Vindhya Persaud, Minister of Human Services and Social Security and members of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) yesterday.

The meeting focused on ways the Chamber could partner with the Ministry to address social and welfare issues.

Against this backdrop, Minister Persaud disclosed to the GCCI representatives of her intention to establish community and women-led businesses which will target vulnerable groups including women in disadvantaged situations and single parent mothers.

She explained that when the projects are materialized the benefactors “would be taught skills, marketing and budgeting” and the three factors to drive the initiatives will be education, mentorship and financial independence.

To this end, Minister Persaud proposed that GCCI support the Ministry by designing a number of business models to develop niche markets to promote diversity for the community and women-led projects.

Touching on job opportunities, the Minister stated that persons with disabilities should be given opportunities to make tangible impact in society and urged that “each company should at least employ one or two individuals who are deaf and have other disabilities and be paid equally.”

Following the fruitful discourse, GCCI will share with the Ministry a “database for employment availability” within the private sector and will be “putting together a working committee” to ensure a productive relationship with the Ministry.

GCCI’s representatives at the virtual meeting were: Timothy Tucker, Senior Vice President and Chairperson of Trade & Investment Committee; Anije Lambert, Junior Vice President and Chairperson of HR Committee; Shaleeza Shaw, Secretary and Chairperson of Green Economy Committee; Kester Hutson, Treasurer & Vice Chairperson of Green Economy Committee; Anita Ramprasad, Councillor & Vice Chairperson of HR Committee; Keon Howard, Councillor & Chairperson of Construction Committee; Gavin Ramsoondar, Councillor & Chairperson of Finance Committee; Dennon Lewis, Representative of Social Media Rank and Richard Rambarran, Executive Director.


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