There is no evidence to support the argument that vehicles with used tyres crash more often than those with new ones. At least this is according to Public Works Minister Juan Edghill, who was at the time delivering remarks in the National Assembly, as the House deliberates a motion to remove the ban on the importation of used tyres to Guyana.

In a pitch for the House’s support to overturn the prohibition, Edghill said that even in “modern” and “industrialised”, or “first-world” countries, used tyres are purchased and installed on vehicles. He spoke of the “bold signs” in places like New York and Miami that are used to advertise same.

He added that the ban, which was imposed by the Coalition administration, was ill-conceived, therefore, a reversal will allow for some relief to be extended to persons operating within the transportation sector.

“This measure allows – with certain controls, of course – that everybody could maintain their cars…And to the people who make the argument about used tyres causing accidents: I call upon them to provide any evidence or data to show that cars with used tyres crash more often than cars with new tyres.

There’s no such evidence – none whatsoever,” he told the House.
He admitted that while several auto dealers would have reduced their prices on used tyres, vehicle owners still could not afford a full set.

“Many persons still cannot afford to purchase a set of new tyres for their vehicles. And as such, many hire car drivers, many minibus drivers and other motor vehicle drivers would only change one tyre at a time, because they cannot afford to change the set of four,” the Minister said.

He added that the ban also saw imported used cars being outfitted with new tyres before coming into the country. Edghill said that this resulted in vehicle owners having to pay an additional $60,000.

Edghill spared no words in condemning the former regime for imposing this measure. He said that this requirement was unconscionable.

“So this what was happening: a man is buying a reconditioned car [and] does all of his paperwork, gets it imported, and before the car can leave the wharf – after the man already saved, took a loan, denied himself of so many things to get his money for his car – he had to find an additional $60,000. [Then] he had to take off the used tyres from the car, put on new tyres before he can drive the car out. Owwww…What a caring government. That is why they’re not in office. That’s exactly why they’re not in office,” the Minister said.


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