Opposition Member of Parliament and Shadow Minister of Home Affairs, Geeta Chandan-Edmond, is contending that the lengthy delay in trials has led to an increase in the number of persons on remand in already over-crowded prisons across the country. This poses a threat to the safety of inmates and prison staff as more than 140 prisoners at the Lusignan Prison have already been testing positive for the virus.

“The judicial system has also not been proactive,” the former Magistrate said during a virtual press conference today.

“There are numerous cases of persons being put on remand after being charged with bailable offences. This further over-crowds the prisons. Greater consideration must be given to bail being granted during this pandemic. It is critical too that a coordinated approach involving the judicial system and law enforcement agencies be established to ensure speedy trials, including virtual trials,” she opined.

The MP further stated that while the country’s borders remain closed, the “inability” of the Government to monitor porous frontiers has led to many persons crossing the borders with the potential of further spread the virus among Guyanese citizens.

“These all represent irresponsible leadership by the PPP government who are putting the lives of the Guyanese people in clear and present danger. In order to return to proper management of the pandemic as was the case from March to August under the APNU+AFC administration, the PPP Government must embrace a broader understanding of national security,” the MP stated.

She also spoke about the need for better enforcement of the measures by the Guyana Police Force.


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