The former Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce (MoTIC), Karen Vansluytman-Corbin was ecsorted out of the Ministry this morning by police.

In a live video on social media posted by Capitol News, Vabsluytman-Corbin, who is still part of the Ministry’s team, said that when she visited the office to uplift her belongings, she noticed that the locks were changed. The police subsequently showed up and escorted the official off the premises.

The Ministry, however, sent out a release subsequently stating that Vansluytman-Corbin’s reassignment was due to the government’s recent appointment of eight new PSs.
According to reports, the official was reassigned to the post of Chief Administrative Officer within the Ministry.

“Mrs. Vansluytman-Corbin was informed of her reassignment on Friday, October 9, while still at the office. Specifically, Mrs. Vansluytman-Corbin was advised of her re-assigned position, job description, and place of work, which is the Sophia Exhibition Centre. On being so advised, Mrs. Vansluytman-Corbin indicated to the Minister that she would not vacate the office of Permanent Secretary or accept reassignment,” the Ministry said.

The ministry said that Vansluytman-Corbin refused to leave the premises, and it was at this time, the police were requested to assist in escorting her therefrom.

“It is only after these incidents that Mrs. Vansluytman-Corbin requested to see the Minister. On being asked about the intended issues to be discussed with the Minister, Mrs. Vansluytman-Corbin then indicated that she wished to remove personal items from the office. Permission to remove personal items under supervision was promptly given, and Mrs. Vansluytman-Corbin secured same before exiting the building.”


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