An Investigative Team comprised representatives from the Government of Guyana and the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) recently visited health care facilities within Regions 3, 5, 6, 10 and the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

The team met with all categories of Front Line Health Care Workers and Management Representatives at each facility.

During these meetings, the GPSU said that a number of issues was raised by workers ranging from inadequate provision of Personal Protective Equipment to non-payment of Risk Allowances for working during this COVID 19 pandemic.

The union said that at every location, there were requests that all categories of health workers be classified as Front Line Workers and also must be paid a Risk Allowance, since the nature of the work requires them to come into contact with a COVID 19 infected person, knowingly, or unknowingly while performing their duties.

That is, attendants will be the first line of contact in the chain of events leading up to the persons eventual testing and subsequent admission to the COVID 19 Unit where the Doctors, Nurses and other Ancillary Staff will continue to provide further supportive care.

“The Guyana Public Service Union therefore reiterates its call for all Health Care Workers to be classified as Front Line Workers and be paid Risk Allowances. The Union is also pleased with the Team’s interface so far with the Health Care Workers and the positive outcomes and views this exercise as very enlightening and encouraging. The Union also anticipates more candid discussions at other health care facilities,” the GPSU said.

The Union said too, that it is anticipating an urgent and positive response from the Government as it relates to the payment of the Risk Allowances to workers.


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