Patients needing diagnostic treatment aided by Computerized Tomography (CT) scans in Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne) can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that equipment has been installed and is ready to use at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital (NAPH).

The CT scans, being offered free of cost, will bring great relief to residents in nearby areas who were previously forced to travel elsewhere to seek this type of radio technology service. The installation of the equipment follows a recent visit to the Hospital by Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony, who committed to taking immediate steps to improve health services in the Region as a whole and at the NAPH, as well as at other healthcare institutions in that area, in particular.

Dr. Vishalya Sharma, Regional Health Officer (RHO) of the Region Six, emphasised the importance of having such a critical piece of equipment functioning at the hospital. “CT scan machines are used in the diagnosis of illnesses like muscle and bone disorders, such as bone tumours and fractures. It pinpoints the location of a tumour, infection, or blood clot to guide doctors for the next procedures,” she explained.

Dr. Sharma is optimistic that the availability of the machine will save many patients from spending a lot on traveling to Georgetown to seek medical care, either at public or private health institutions.

According to the newly appointed RHO, RAD-AID International, in 2016, handed over the new CT scanner, valued at approximately US$200,000, to the then Ministry of Public Health, but the equipment was never installed and operationalised.

Dr. Sharma expressed thanks to the various technical and other support teams which have worked assiduously to ensure that all the necessary specifications were met and that the machine became fully functional.

“The Ministry of Health thanks RAD-AID International, Dr. ZulfiKar Bux, Head of Accident and Emergency, and Dr. Fawcett Jeffrey, Director of Medical Services [both of the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC)], and the Public Works Department of the Regional Democratic Council of Region Six. A big thank you also to the team from Radiology Services in Georgetown and New Amsterdam,” said Dr. Sharma.

We cannot over-emphasized the importance of team work in health services delivery, and this is one example of why it remains critical in our field, she added.


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