Alternatives are being contemplated to have a reversal of the decision taken by the Director of Public Prosecution Shalimar Ali-Hack to withdraw charges against the Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall for larceny of law books belonging to the State. This was according to Opposition Member of Parliament (MP) and Attorney-at-law, Roysdale Forde today.

Ali-Hack, several days ago, wrote to Magistrate Fabayo Azore in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts indicating that the charge be discontinued. Nandlall has always denied the charge: that he allegedly, fraudulently converted 14 Commonwealth Law Reports property of the Ministry of Legal Affairs and valued at over $2.3M, to his own use and benefit.

Following the withdrawal, Nandlall stated publicly that he feels vindicated, while maintaining that the charges were “trumped-up” and politically motivated.

Asked if there is any recourse available to challenge the DPP’s withdrawal in a court of law, Forde replied: “Yes, a challenge can be brought, and I’m aware of attorneys-at-law who are currently considering that as we speak.”

Forde went on to say that the APNU+AFC Coalition is dismayed by the DPP’ action, deeming it an “erosion law and order in the Guyanese society since August 2nd, 2020”.

The attorney, in reading an APNU+AFC statement conveyed the following:

The withdrawal of the charges highlights that the office of the DPP has become politically compromised and the DPP is acting, not independently or of her own free volition within the law, but under duress and immense political pressure and direction.

Indeed, the APNU+AFC Coalition has learnt that the DPP’s office has become the new watering hole and gathering place for several well-known, prominent pro-PPP attorneys, including sitting Members of Parliament who frequent the DPP chambers on a daily basis to presumably cook up and concoct the litany of frivolous and vexatious charges we see emanating from that office and targeting APNU+AFC leaders, activists and supporters.

The DPP office has become a virtual cook shop for politically motivated and vindictive trumped up charges.

The APNU+AFC Coalition calls for the DPP to provide to the public, without delay, a thorough explanation for her withdrawal of the charges against Nandlall.


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