Police are investigating the murder of Allensford Consford Sargon, a 33-year-old miner, which occurred yesterday about  04 :30hrs at Quartz Stone Backdam, Cuyuni River.

According to police, Sargon left his camp for Quartz Stone Landing on Saturday after he got paid.

The miner/shop owner operating at Quartz Stone, told the police that he was awakened by someone who told him that Sargon had just been killed in front of his shop.

Upon venturing outside, he saw Sargon lying about 12 feet north of his shop motionless and immediately made a report to the police.

Upon arrival at the scene, the body was found in the aforementioned location clad in a 3/4 pants and dark blue T-Shirt. It was examined and two incise wounds were seen to the head and  throat. The body was escorted to the Bartica Regional Hospital. Statements have been taken, and a search is  underway for the suspect.


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