Police are investigating the murder of Sanjay Hanoman, called ‘Drill’, a construction worker of Lot 28 Forth Street, Anna Catherina, WCD which occurred yesterday. He was reportedly killed by a 19-year-old man.

Enquiries revealed that an eyewitness saw the suspect “rub” what appeared to be a cutlass across the thigh of the victim at Bus Shed Street, Anna Catherina.

Hanoman subsequently fell to the ground. The suspect then rode away on a bicycle with the object in his hands.  The witness  ran to assist Hanoman, who was at the time bleeding profusely.

According to police, the witness rendered assitance to Hanoman for about an hour, since no one was willing to take him to the hospital.

After some time, the 19-year-old was finally transported to the Leonora Cottage Hospital where he was seen and examined by a doctor on duty who later pronounced him dead. The body was then escorted to the Ezekiel Funeral Parlour and is awaiting a post mortem examination.

Further, acting on information received, the police went to the  suspect’s home and was able to arrest him. Investigations are continuing into the matter.


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