Police are investigating the murder of Kamal Wilson, age 35, of Kwebanna Village, North West District. The incident occurred yesterday at the aforementioned village.

Wilson was allegedly killed by a 23-year- old man, whom police have identified as a relative.

Enquiries disclosed that on the day in question, Wilson went to check his generator, which is located at the back in his yard. He was then approached by the suspect, who was armed with a cutlass.

The suspect reportedly dealt the Wilson several chops to his head, neck and shoulder.

Wilson screamed for help and ran into his home locking the door behind him as the suspect made good his escape on foot.

The victim’s father, who heard his son’s cries for help, immediately rushed to lend aid.

According to police, Wilson’s father went to the Acquero where he made a report and sought the assistance of the police to take his son to the Kumaka District Hospital, where he was seen and examined a Doctor on duty and admitted into the said Hospital.

Whilst being treated, Wilson succumbed to his injuries about 23:16hrs.

Subsequently, ranks contacted the accused, told him of the offence committed. He was arrested, then escorted to Acquero Police Station, where he was placed into custody.

The alleged murder weapon has not yet been recovered.

Wilson’s body is presently lying at Kumaka District Hospital Mortuary awaiting a post mortem examination.


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