Health teams in Barima-Waini (Region One) have ramped up retrieval of samples from persons who are showing signs of COVID-19 and those who have been exposed to someone who tested positive.

The teams, which are focusing on Kwebanna village, have been sending those samples to the National Public Health Reference Laboratory for processing, Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony, confirmed during Tuesday’s COVID-19 Update.

“With 92 active cases in Region One and 61 active cases in Kwebanna village, we [the National COVID-19- Task Force] have focused a lot of our attention on Kwebanna village. We have already tested a number of persons from Kwebanna and will continue to have a team on the ground. We continue to test them doing PCR testing, sending that out to the National Public Health Reference Lab so that we can get a more detailed picture of what is happening,” he said.

Sanitation teams have also been spraying the homes of persons who tested positive or those who may have been exposed to the disease and advising them on quarantine and isolation methods within their homes.

“Our teams there continue to work, and we have been collaborating with the authorities in the village to ensure that we have a lockdown in place. So, I think so far that has been working, and those who present with symptoms, or who would have been exposed, are treated,” he noted.

Minister Anthony said he was hopeful the situation at Kwebanna would be under control within two weeks or so. The village entered a 14-day lockdown on Sunday.


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