Under the new anti-COVID-19 guidelines that will go into effect from November 1, all persons employed within the Public Service, semi-autonomous agency, statutory body or State-owned enterprise, shall work on rotation unless otherwise instructed by their respective Minister or Head of Agency to work from home. This is according to the updated guidelines published in the Official Gazette.

Earlier this month, the Irfaan Ali government brought an end to the public service rotation schedule that was put in place since April due to the local COVID-19 outbreak. The regime had directed all workers to resume to normal working hours. The administration would have faced severe backlash from the main Parliamentary Opposition, the A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC); dubbing the move “reckless”.

As for Private Sector employees, the notice stated that Private Sector entities may be opened, and workers shall work on rotation as determined by their employer.


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