The trousers found on the body of 19-year-old Joel Henry was not his own, the Attorney representing the Henry family, Nigel Hughes, told the media this afternoon.

The severely, mutilated remains of Joel and his 16-year-old cousin, Isaiah, were uncovered aback Cotton Tree Village, West Coast Berbice, early last month. The gruesome discovery prompted several fiery protests along the WCB corridor, often ending in violent confrontations between residents and law enforcement officials.


Hughes told the media that the trousers were not sent by the Guyana Police Force (GPF) abroad for forensic analysis. However, his conclusion, he admitted was based on a nondefinitive response to his queries about same posed to investigators.

The Guyana Standard reported last week that the GPF was in receipt of DNA analysis for some of the evidence that were sent to forensic laboratory in St. Lucia. This publication also confirmed that the police is in possession of additional evidence, which they are expected to send abroad for testing. It is unclear at this point if the trousers form part of the evidence that will be transported.

Hughes added that several of the Henry Boys’ belongings were never discovered in the backdam. These include, the bicycle, coconut peeler, cutlass, boots belonging to Joel, and one side of Isaiah’s slippers.

The Attorney is suggesting that the boys were possibly kidnapped from the backdam, taken to another location, murdered and then dumped in the backlands.


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