Relatives of murdered Henry cousins have denied telling an investigator that they were asked to lie, and to say that the killings were politically motivated.

The accusation was made first in an article that was carried in another section of the media. That allegation was repeated in a statement that was issued by the government a few days ago in response to comments made by the Opposition Leader, Joseph Harmon regarding the probe.

The government said, inter alia: “It is understandable why Mr. Harmon is disturbed by the investigations because, in the report of the Regional Security Service team from CARICOM which assisted in the investigations, it was revealed that one of the officers was informed by a relative of the deceased that a politician asked the family to lie and say that the killings were politically and racially motivated and that if the family did so, they would be “looked after”. Mr. Harmon should reveal who this politician is.”

But the relatives, at least the parents of Isaiah and the brother of Joel, denied ever saying that to an investigator.

The severely, mutilated remains of Joel and his 16-year-old cousin, Isaiah, were uncovered aback Cotton Tree Village, West Coast Berbice, early last month. The gruesome discovery prompted several protests along the WCB corridor, often ending in violent confrontations between residents and law enforcement officials.


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