On Thursday evening, two traffic ranks were assaulted by an alleged drunk Staff Sergeant of the Guyana Defence Force and family members. The incident reportedly took place at about 17:00h on Cornhill and Hadfield Streets, Georgetown.

According to information received, Constable Giles was performing his duties on Cornhill and Hadfield Streets, Georgetown, when he observed a heavily tinted motorcar bearing registration number PSS 5836.

According to Constable Giles, the car stopped on the roadway resulting in the obstruction of the free flow of traffic.

As a result, the rank approached the driver and told him of the offence committed, and asked him to produce his documents, which he refused.

Police stated that Constable Cummings, a motorcyclist who was in the vicinity, went to Constable Giles’s assistance. He then asked the driver to produce his documents, to which he also refused.

Following the second refusal, Constable Cummings cautioned the driver, and while in the process of arresting him, he began assaulting the Constable.
At this time, the two other occupants who were in the vehicle exited and also began assaulting both ranks.

During the entire ordeal, additional assistance was summoned, and then they were all arrested and taken to the Brickdam Police Station where the driver gave his name as Keron Joseph of 181 Wisroc Housing Scheme and stated that he was a Staff Sergeant of the Guyana People’s Malitia but did not produce any documents.

A breathalyzer test was carried out on him, and the two other occupants proved that they were above the legal alcohol limited.


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