The Health Ministry is collaborating with the United States (U.S.) Embassy to bring in a team of doctors to provide regional training to local frontline workers battling COVID-19. The Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony made this disclosure today during his update to the nation.

“They would be going out to each of the regional hospitals [and will be] working with the staff there – both doctors and nurses – and will be looking alot at how to use ventilators, how to intubate patients. So, these are skills that our doctors, most of them should have, but this would be like a refresher course for them,” he said.

He stressed that the training will be sensible, given that many COVID-19 patients in critical condition will require ventilation. The training, he added, will also expose healthcare workers to some of the newer technologies being used to battle the disease.

“So, we expect that this refresher will help our doctors, especially to be more aware of the newer techniques that are being used in some of the metropolitan areas of the United States. You know that have had a lot of experience dealing with COVID patients. So, they’re telling us some of the practices and hoperfully, if we do have patients that do need those services, then we’ll know exactly what to do,” the Minister explained.

Guyana recorded six new cases today, taking the number of confirmed cases since March 2020, to 4,530. Some 135 persons would have succumbed to the disease, with 3,575 recoveries. So far, 22,389 persons have been tested. Latest data from the ministry shows that 743 persons are in home isolation, 60 in institutional isolation, and nine in the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit (ICU).


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