With the discovery of over nine billion barrels of oil equivalent resources in the Stabroek Block, Guyana’s petroleum industry is poised for rapid development which will require the support of several shore bases. Unfortunately, the country is without these resources. Hoping to change this state of affairs is Trinidad’s Ramps Logistics.

The company which has been working along with oil operators prior to 2015, has submitted a proposal to construct an oilfield services and supplies storage and container transfer facility at Lot ‘C’ Land of Canaan. The property spans 31470 acres and can be accessed directly from East Bank Demerara public road.

According to Ramps, the facility is expected to be used for the repackaging of products into tanks, filtering products they are repackaged, housing an office space for its warehouse team, providing quality control of the filtering operation, allow for the transportation of inventory to supply vessel, and provide a space for imported finished products from the US are brought into Georgetown, Guyana. After receiving custom’s clearance, Ramps explained that the imported products will be delivered to the proposed site where most of the products are filtered as they are transferred to internationally approved transportation containers through a closed-loop system to eliminate vapor emissions.

It went further to note that oilfield materials will be stored in these containers at the proposed site until needed offshore. Guyana Standard understands that the company plans to store Asphaltene Inhibitor, Corrosion inhibitor, Biocide, Hydrate Inhibitor, Demulsifier, Chlorine Scavenger, Defoamer, and Hydrate Inhibitor.

It pledged to comply with the package performance standards of the United Nations to ensure safety and regulatory adherence to laws and regulations.


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