A pensioner allegedly committed suicide at his Edingburgh Village, East Bank Berbice home on Thursday.

Dead is 72-year-old Alimoon Narainedatt, which occurred at about 13:50 hrs on the day in question.

Enquiries disclosed that the dead man’s daughter, who resides at the lower flat of the property, and the man’s wife were downstairs chatting. Shortly after, she left to go upstairs, and while making her way, she heard a loud explosion.

Upon entering the building, she found her husband lying in the doorway in a crouching position and in a pool of blood.

She then raised an alarm, and the police were summoned and responded and observed the man’s licenced semi-automatic single barrel shotgun under his hand.

He was picked up and transported to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The body was subsequently taken to the Arokorium Funeral home, where it awaits Post Mortem Examination.


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