The Mobile Money Guyana Inc (mmg+) has announced that its mmg+ app would soon be available to iPhone users.
“This is an exciting development and one that customers who use iPhones have been asking for,” said Bobita Ram, General Manager, mmg+
The existing mmg+ App and USSD (*123#) will be unavailable from November 29 at 1 AM to December 2 at 6 PM to facilitate the migration to the updated app and web portal.

No transaction will be processed during the four-day period, and new registrations will be delayed, explained Ram. “We are encouraging customers to do all of their transactions before this period. The service interruption is necessary since we will be transitioning to our new app, and this will take some time,” Ram added.
It was highlighted that the goal of the upgrade is to expand to support iPhones, as well as to roll out significantly more features, like QR codes for easy shopping and strengthened security mechanisms.
Ram offered an apology in advance for any inconvenience the transition may cause customers, but added that “…the migration is necessary to drastically improve the service that so many Guyanese depend on, and to make life easy for them.


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