Sitting at the corner of Brutus and Remus Streets, Agricola is a building of historic significance. For over a century, different generations of people born and or raised in Agricola and, nearby communities, gathered in that building to worship their God. The building which houses the St. Anne’s Anglican Church, has been standing for over 108 years.

Recently, the church decided to effect some much-needed repairs. Just over one month ago, the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Charles Ramson Jr. visited Agricola for an outreach. He went into the compound where he met with and spoke to senior members of the Church as they overlooked repairs. The members told Minister Ramson that they are sometimes unable to access the church because the compound usually floods whenever it rains for any prolonged period.
Ramson made a commitment that his ministry will assist with the funding needed to execute works that will alleviate flooding in the compound.

The Minister has made good on his promise. Yesterday, Ramson returned to the community where he again met with members of the church. The members expressed gratitude for the assistance rendered by the government. Ramson spent some time in the community meeting with other residents and also, periodically, overlooked some of the works for which the ministry has paid.

Speaking to the media, Ramson said that the initiative is one that ties in with the mandate given to the Cabinet by President Irfaan Ali. Ramson said, “The President has made it clear that he wants to govern to the benefit of all Guyanese. It matters not if you voted for us or against us.”

The Minister said that President Ali is very passionate about building bridges and creating a society where all Guyanese can benefit from equal opportunities. Ramson said too that the people of Agricola can look forward to continued support from the government. In fact, he noted that very soon, Agricola will benefit from an improved ballfield. Ramson noted that his budget covers “ground enhancements” and Agricola will be one of the communities benefitting from that line item.


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