Even though the People’s Progressive Party (PPP/C) has been exposing instances of corruption perpetrated by the APNU+AFC regime, Former House Speaker and Leader of A New and United Guyana, Ralph Ramkarran says it is high time that the administration now disclose how it plans to tackle corruption once and for all.

In his most recent writings, Ramkarran said that the number of cases that are being exposed almost on a daily basis should send off alarm bells that there are dilapidated or non-existent systems to prevent corruption.

The ANUG Leader said that the signs of poor systems to keep corruption at bay were evident since in the 1970s. In this regard, he pointed to the nation’s customs arms. The former speaker said corruption quickly permeated throughout the licensing system for importation, which gained steam over the years.

The politician said, “At the lowest levels, recipients of modest gifts from relatives overseas are exploited by keeping them all day to clear a package or barrel. At the highest levels, customs is in the grip, not only of big importers, but of oil smugglers and drug dealers.”
“We are now learning the extent of it with the deletion of 1,000 or more images of containers (that contained some 11.5 tonnes of cocaine among scrap metal that were intercepted in Belgium). Millions of dollars in bribes per shipment must be involved…”

Taking this into account, the politician alluded to the fact that these acts of corruption expose the extent to which the country is exposed to acts of corruption.

With Guyana close to one year as an oil-producing state, and pushing ahead on the development of this sector that will last for decades to come, Ramkarran is of the firm conviction that no other issue is as important or urgent than addressing the absence of systems to adequately fight corruption.


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