Board members for the Poor Law Commission, which oversees public assistance for the vulnerable, will be reviewing the existing list to ensure the “most in need” individuals benefit from the relief programme.

This was one of the commitments made by the newly installed Board when they met with Vindhya Persaud, Minister of Human Services and Social Security virtually yesterday afternoon, December 8, 2020.

The members are: Chair Amanda Richards; Deputy Chairman, Keeran Persaud and members Janet Ann Geer, Raymon Cummings, Alison Barkie, Gomatie Narine, Dr. Josh Kanhai, Peter Persaud, Diana Kaulessar O’Brien and Beverly Clenkian.

The list will be reviewed to ensure the process is not exploited and the “most vulnerable” are given the assistance “they so badly need.” Backlogged cases will also be addressed.

In addition, the Board will refer beneficiaries to the Ministry’s skills training programmes to help them to become financially independent, and benefit from employment opportunities. According to Ms. Richards, referrals will be made to the Ministry’s Garment and Accessories Cottage Initiative that has so far gainfully employed over 100 individuals.

The members of the Commission will serve for a period of three years with effect from November 30, 2020.


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