See full statement below from the Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation (DHBC):

On Thursday December 10, 2020 at 04:00hrs the bridge maintenance team met, equipment and spare components were mobilized, and remedial works to the anchorage system of the Bridge commenced without obstruction to vehicular traffic.

The DHBC engineering team also met with the owner of the tug and barge and all identified damages to the sub and super structure were highlighted.As of 11:00hrs today, seven (7) anchor chains were reconnected, one (1) buoy was replaced. The technical team is in the process of quantifying the damages found and bridge alignment will be done on Friday, 11th December 2020.

The bridge has reopened to marine traffic under the high span, and for scheduled 13:00hrs retraction. At 15:00hrs, the bridge will resume transiting of trucks up to a maximum gross weight of 18 metric tons.

At approximately 16:38hrs on Wednesday December 9, 2020, tug and barge (Rediston and Surtrans) owned by Deonarine Sookram of D’Edward Village, West Coast Berbice, collided with the southern section of the Demerara Harbour Bridge at incline of the High-Span (span# 30 to 32). At the time of the accident, the barge was captained by Mr. Dale Andrews Green and was loaded with bauxite headed to John Fernandes Wharf in Georgetown.

The Management of the Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation would like to thank the technical team, Gaico Construction, Hon Bishop Juan Edghill Minister of Public Works, Hon. Robeson Benn, Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Ravie Ramcharitar, Chairman of the DHBC Board of Directors for their support and the general public for their patience and understanding.


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