For far too long, she endured the many offensive comments made about her physical appearance, but when her excess weight became a threat to her health, Dr. Mareshah Dos Santos decided to make the change. About a year ago, she embarked on a journey that left her feeling fulfilled.

But before talking more about her weight loss achievements, let me just tell you a little bit more about Dr. Dos Santos.

During her secondary education, her grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. This had sparked her passion for the science field. She wanted to learn more in order to one day be able to help similarly ailing persons.

In 2007, Dr. Dos Santos wrote the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) and was granted a scholarship to pursue a degree in Human Medicine in Cuba.

“Reflecting, it must have been a hard thing for my parents to allow their 16- year-old child to leave to a foreign land where she would spend seven years of her life. But I never regretted it, neither did they,” she told Guyana Standard.

In 2014, she graduated as a Medical Doctor from the Victoria de Giron de Ciencias Medicas. She later completed a postgraduate programme in Pediatric Nutrition from Boston University School of Medicine.

Now, Dr. Dos Santos is using her medical knowledge and personal experience to help others lose weight.

She told Guyana Standard that given the discomfort she went through as an overweight person, she is happy to help others. Dr. Dos Santos explained that she suffered with weight gain all her life. In fact, as a child, her school life was so uncomfortable that she found it necessary to save her allowances in a bid to purchase weight loss supplements.

But despite her efforts, she continued to gain weight throughout her life.

“After giving birth to my first child, I was at the heaviest (for my adult life). It also had an effect on my health, then is when I knew I had to make a change. I entered into research mode, and I came across the ketogenic diet. I familiarized myself with what it entails, and with a few support groups, I then embarked on my journey,” Dos Santos explained.

She added, “My first week, I can clearly remember losing 3 lbs and felt so excited. In the second week, I lost 6 lbs. My self-confidence started improving, and by the third week, a few people started noticing my progress. My acne had improved, I had a burst of energy, and I felt amazing in my body and soul.”
Dr. Dos Santos continued the diet for about five months and lost forty (40) pounds.

“After losing the weight, I still thought I needed to contour my midsection. Then is when a friend encouraged me to try lipo cavitation. I never regretted it. I was able to lose an additional 4 inches off my abdomen area. My weight loss journey was not an easy one, but it was the easiest one of all I have tried. I still have slip-ups, but then I remember my goal. And inevitably, my past and I persevere.”

According to the medical practitioner, she wanted others to experience the same joy and sense of fulfillment that she did so she launched her business “Synergy Weight Loss Centre.
“At synergy, we specialize in lipo cavitation (a non-invasive, non-surgical, non-painful method to get rid of circumferential fat), Radiofrequency/skin tightening, lymphatic massages and drainages, laser lipolysis (uses laser waves to break fat cells) wood therapy, weight mentoring, customized diet plans, diabetes coaching, we also stock shape wears and some nutritional items.”
Her advice to persons who are struggling with being overweight, coupled with low self-esteem is: “Love yourself enough to choose your health first. You control your destiny; you are the boss of your body, you are strong, as the mindset is everything. Make a start, start at your own pace, and your entire being will thank you later.

If you are looking to start your weight loss journey, check out Synergy Weight Loss Centre on Facebook and Instagram.


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