During his review of how the APNU+AFC administration spent taxpayers’ money for 2019, Auditor General, Deodat Sharma was keen to note his alarm at the millions of dollars spent on the maintenance of vehicles by the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Social Protection, Ministry of Public Security and Regions №. 3 and 6. Sharma said that exorbitant sums were expended due to the failure of Ministries, Departments and Regions to not assess whether it is economical to retain or dispose of vehicles.

In this regard, he said that the sum of $251.619M was expended on repairs and maintenance in respect of 118 vehicles during 2019. In particular, Sharma said that the Guyana Defence Force expended $91.629M on the maintenance of 30 vehicles, which represented an average maintenance cost of $3.054M per vehicle. More significantly, the Auditor General said that 10 vehicles were maintained at costs amounting to $46.429M, which represented an even higher average maintenance cost per vehicle ($4.643M).

Remarkably, the AG said that one Toyota Hilux Double-Cab acquired over 11 years ago was maintained at a cost of $7.185M; whilst, a Ford Ranger was maintained at a cost of $5.660M. Also, a Ford F-350 and Ford Ranger Double Cab were maintained at costs amounting to $6.486M and $5.599M, respectively. However, based on a list submitted for audit, the AG said that the Force has deemed these two vehicles unserviceable.


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