Eureka Medical Laboratories Inc. (EML) says that there are unscrupulous individuals who are trying to expedite the process of their travel by faking their COVID-19 test results.

“We do not condone this. Eureka Medical Laboratories Inc. has recently received reports of persons who have been falsifying negative COVID-19 results in order to travel. In this regard, EML has since put systems in place to guard against this criminal act.”

EML said that it has been working closely with airport authorities to ascertain the identities of those who are culpable. Persons are therefore urged to desist from forging COVID-19 results as airport officials will be scrutinizing all medical documents.

“Eureka wishes to advise the public that the fabrication of results can be detrimental to the health of others, especially in the case of a positive result being translated to negative, which can aid in the unfortunate transmission of the Coronavirus. Further, please be advised that there are dire consequences for indulging in this illegal act,” EML noted.


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