Former Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee has cast the blame on the Commissioner of Police (ag), Nigel Hoppie, for his recommendations to the Police Service Commission (PSC), which resulted in a senior rank approaching the court to block the year-end police promotions.

Hoppie, in his New Year’s Message, explained that he promotes ranks up to that of sergeant while the Force recommends and the PSC promotes from inspector upwards.

“Based on the Commissioner’s message, it follows that responsibility for the controversy that has arisen falls squarely on the shoulders on the administration of the GPF and the Commissioner of Police (ag), since it was the Commissioner’s recommendations to the PSC that caused at least one senior rank to approach the court to block the recommended promotions,” Rohee said in a Facebook post.

Rohee contends that the issue which is presently engaging the High Court does not auger well for the image of the Force’s administration.

“Whatever the human resource internal dynamics within the GPF, the controversy over promotions, if not urgently solved to the satisfaction of those affected, can potentially prove unhelpful to succession planning at the GPF.”

Chief Justice (ag) Roxane George on Thursday last, issued a temporary order blocking the PSC from promoting several officers to Assistant Commissioner’s rank.

The CJ made this decision after Senior Superintendent of Police Calvin Brutus moved to the High Court, blocking these officers’ promotions as he complained that the PSC is acting irrational and unlawful. The matter comes up again before her on January 12, 2021, at 10:00 am.


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