Instructions for the wire-tapping of Former Minister of Security, Khemraj Ramjattan’s phone were handed down by Commissioner of Police (ag), Nigel Hoppie.

This revelation was made after a letter captioned “Request for legal intercept for suspect in armed robberies and purchasing of firearms and ammunition” surfaced with Hoppie’s signature. At the time when he handed down the instruction, Hoppie was Head of Special Branch.

In the letter which was seen by Guyana Standard, Hoppie explained that the former Minister’s phone was being used in armed robberies, trafficking in narcotics, and purchasing of firearms and ammunition without being the holder of a license.
“Information pertaining to his activities has been confirmed via other legal intercepts whilst attempts have been made by the Special Branch field team to surveil and track the field activities. However, in an effort to definitively establish the persons, organization and networking involved more invasive techniques need to be engaged,” the letter stated.

Hoppie’s request for the interception of the communication of Ramjattan’s phone was done in accordance with the interception of Communications Act, Chapter 47:03 (Act of 2008).

A publication had broken the news that Ramjattan’s phone was wire-tapped. Since then, he had stated that he was unaware that his calls were being monitored.


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