People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) Executive Member, Aubrey Norton has denied renting a house to Yuri Garcia Dominguez, the Cuban national currently under fire for operating an alleged ponzi scheme in Guyana.

Norton refuted the accusation after it was recently published in the Guyana Chronicle and several private media entities.

See Norton’s full statement below:

The article under the headline “Aubrey Norton owns house occupied by alleged Ponzi scheme operator”published today by the mouthpiece of the PPP regime, the Guyana Chronicle is false, malicious, an assassination of my character, an attempt to create a negative perception of me, to incite PPP supporters to go after me for the money they lost in the Ponzi scheme and to shift focus away from the atrocities of the illegitimate PPP regime.

I wish to make it absolutely clear that I have no link whatsoever to any illegal activities.

I wish all Guyana to know I live in Plaisance and have no house in Coldingen, and I have rented no one any house in Coldingen. This is clearly PPP dirty tricks Committee at work. It is reminiscent of Kwame McKoy lying about an incident when he alleged that I pulled a gun on him when it wasn’t true and law enforcement was forced to conclude that he is a pathological liar. I do not think it is by accident that this falsehood is being spewed while Chronicle falls under his watch.

The PPP has consistently tried to frame me without success. This attempt will also fail like all the others did. PPP insiders had already informed and forewarned me that there is a plot by the PPP to tarnish my character and to sully my image.

Please be also advised that the article’s claim that they spoke to my wife and she said that we were in the living room when some shooting took place is a fabrication of the “journalist”, Chronicle and their political handlers. It has no truth in it whatsoever. This is the usual Jagdeoite section of the PPP political wickedness. I hope some day they will learn to be civil and truthful.

This whole episode is clearly an attempt by the PPP to shift focus away from their illegitimate regime and to find something to tarnish my image since I have lived within the confines of the law and they have been unable to find any issue to use law enforcement to harass me.

I believe it is a clear attempt to create a perception of me that will allow the PPP regime and the extremist section of their supporters to go after me. I wish to advise the PPP that I will fight them and will not be coerced into accepting their domination.

Clearly the Chronicle needs to withdraw this malicious article, publish a front page headline apology or face legal action. This society has to act against PPP lawlessness.


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