Minister of Home Affairs Robeson Benn, on Friday made another call on prison officials to end the widespread corruption within the Guyana Prison Service (GPS). He made this call at the GPS’ two-day Senior Officers’ Conference.

“We have to stop the corruption in the prison system where food is carried away, where the cellphones are smuggled in and marijuana and cigarettes and all things for making fire and so on,” Minister Benn said.

The Home Affairs Minister said that these contrabands pose harm to the prisoners themselves and prison officers as well. He noted that fear within the prison is also an issue that needs addressing.

“They are afraid because they have to have a [knife] to oppress someone else or defend themselves against something bad that is happening. This is why we have to move quickly to make the improvements at Lusignan and the other places.”

The GPS two-day Senior Officers’ Conference is focused on ways in which prison authorities can address the many issues they currently face.

The conference is being held under the theme “Working towards improving the image of the Guyana Prison Service.”


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