Rawlston Adams has resigned from the post of General Manager of the Demerara Harbour Bridge (DHB), after it was revealed that he gifted himself a $897,000 bracelet. Meanwhile, Troy Halley, the Head of the Asphalt Plant which was the subject of an audit days ago, has been removed.

Halley, according to the Public Works Minister, Juan Edghill, has been reassigned to the DHB.

Edghill said that the DHB board will now take the necessary steps to have those positions filled in the coming days. The minister said that an overhaul of both entities is needed to ensure public confidence. This, he said, will commence shortly.

According to sources, Adams has already begun repaying for the bracelet.

The Report investigated the financial and operational management of the old asphalt plant during the years 2013-2020.The Report faulted DHB’s management for not ensuring the plant was controlled and efficiently run, among other damning findings.

Among the findings was a $12 million debt accrued by Courtney Benn Construction Incorporated and both Suresh Jagmohan and China Railways accessed loans without the Board’s approval.


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