Vice President, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo proved yet again, that the APNU+AFC regime was either careless or incompetent in its handling of the oil sector as it had given ExxonMobil its blessings to flare up to 14 billion cubic feet of gas even though this is harmful to the environment.

During a press conference he held earlier today, the official thought it prudent to make this known as his government is coming under fire from members of the public for not instituting any punishment on the company which announced last Friday that it will be flaring beyond pilot levels. This is due to the fact that its gas compressor system for the Liza Destiny vessel has malfunctioned again.

Jagdeo was keen to note that unlike the Payara permit which the PPP/C Government was responsible for approving, there are no fines for flaring in the Liza Phase One permit. He said too that the Environmental Impact Assessment which was submitted by Exxon to the Environmental Protection Agency allowed the oil giant to flare 14 billion cubic feet of gas. As it stands, the company has burnt up to 12.5 billion cubic feet and is flaring 16 to 18 million cubic feet per day. At that daily rate, Jagdeo said that the company will reach its approved ceiling by April.

The Vice President was keen to note that when the Liza Phase One permit expires next year, the inherent loopholes which allow for flaring without penalty would be closed. He said too that work is being done to ensure capacity building for the verification of emission out reports by Exxon and other industry players.


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