Twenty-six-year-old Kayle Roberts, Kurlsen Roberts, 23, and a jevenile have been charged with the murder of 20-year-old Belle West, West Bank Demerara youth, Emanuel Solomon.

Kayle and Kurlsen, who reside at 463 Canal Number Two, Belle West, both appeared before her worship Magistrate Zamina Ali Seepaul today. The juvenile was charged with the said murder separately.

They were not required to plead, and the matter was adjourned to March 4, 2021, and transferred to the Wales Magistrate Court for report.

According to previous reports, Solomon was killed on February 5th outside his home. He was stabbed 17 times, sources say.

The post-mortem examination revealed that he died from “profound stab wounds”: four to his heart, one to his neck, two to the left side lung, and two to his back.


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