The police are currently investigating the murder of 27-year-old, Dale Christopher, called ‘Sun Skull’ of Lot 1A Rosemary Lane, Cummingsburg, which occurred around 06:00hrs today at Hill Street, Lodge Georgetown.

Investigations have revealed that Christopher departed his home around 1:15hrs in the company of a friend to attend a party.

According to the police, a “popular” DJ and Selector duo further alleged that they were hired to provide their services for the party at Hill Street Lodge. They said about 06:00hrs, while they were performing, they heard about two to three explosions suspected to be gunshots which caused the approximately 500-strong crowd to scatter and disperse.

They were subsequently told that someone had been shot, which caused them to abandon their performance and head to their respective residences.

A taxi driver of Tucville Housing Scheme told investigators that he was driving on Mandela Avenue when he was stopped by three unidentifiable men who were carrying the wounded Christopher.

He told police that the victim was bleeding from a wound to his abdomen.

The taxi driver took the quartet to a city hospital, where Christopher was pronounced dead on arrival by a doctor on duty.

The body was examined and what appeared to be a gunshot wound was seen at the center of his abdomen.

The scene was processed by crime scene technicians and the deceased was swabbed for gunshot residue.

Several persons were questioned, statements were taken, and three persons have since been taken into custody.

Investigations are ongoing.


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