Minister of Natural Resources, Vickram Bharrat recently disclosed that efforts will be directed towards increasing the production of forest products. As regards allowable cuts, the Minister said that Guyana has been lagging a long way behind. “We are allowed a million cubic feet per year and we are only utilizing 300,000. The Guyana Forestry Commission is now pushing to increase this, particularly as it relates to the lesser-known species,” the official stated.

Further to this, Minister Bharrat said that Guyana is blessed with over 1000 species but only uses about 10 to 15. He said that most are familiar with using Greenheart, Purpleheart, Kabakali but stressed the need for other varieties to be used.

The Minister said, “We are encouraging the use of the lesser-known species while being within the boundaries of the allowable cuts. We want to remain, as I would put it, the lungs of the world.” The official was keen to note that even as he seeks to increase production, sustainability will be the key characteristic of the work done by the Ministry. He said that Guyana has the best forest coverage among forest-producing nations and one of the most sustainable systems for harvesting. Minister Bharrat said he has every intention of continuing along this trajectory.


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