Datadin is an outstanding attorney in my opinion. The pronouncements by Datadin in Guyana Standard on March 3, 2021 were not initiated by him, another opinion of mine. Datadin has been used to display that he does not understand nor does not care that the action of the PPP leadership has brought us to a point ripe for conflict and clashes.

Below is an interesting extract from Datadin’s comments, where he overtly writes on behalf of the PPP in the last paragraph of his letter:

“He said that he is of the firm belief that Hinds has said all he did because *”he thinks we must consult him personally.* Then he will be satisfied. But it cannot work that way.”

Consultiion is needed with those entities that have constituencies and support bases, such as the PNC and other organisations. The silly notion of Datadin’s that I think the PPP must consult me, is ridiculous and must have been a brain freeze moment for him.

Disenfranchisement does not only relate to votes, it is relevant to jobs, contracts, property ownership, access to capital, opportunities for the more needy and participatory consultation.

I expand herein on the belief that the current administration does not see it fit and proper to genuinely consult with those outside of their leadership hierarchy. Essentially they consider themselves as the masters, and their subjects must accept whatever crumbs or decisions they unilaterally make on behalf their subjects, less the subjects be ostracized.

Two stark examples illustrate PPP/Datadin’s non-consultancy syndrome:

1. The neutering of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, among other Ministries led by non-traditional PPP supporters. Status and titles to the Prime  Minister and other Ministers, who have miniscule or no power to hire or to prevent hiring or prevent firing, within their Ministries, this is the sad reality.

2. Opposition can discuss oil sector with govt in Parliament; no talks with Harmon unless he recognises govt— Ali (Demerara Waves, Marchy 4, 2021)

The state of affairs is insulting and disrespectful to our slogan of One People… The statement by Malcolm X that not everyone sitting at the table is a diner, can be aptly applied here. Everyone needs to be eating.

It is an uncivil and a dehumanizing policy for elements of the PPP to embrace the belief that African-Guyanese are not competent to lead and head agencies and organizations in a tangible and effective way, which is a complete fallacy.

This is not about MP Datadin, it is about a culture of anti-black prejudice that perpetuates a canon that some Guyanese are only fit and proper to fetch water or be disenfranchised from being treated as first class citizens of Guyana.

I have worked with many members of both the PPP and PNC, our exchanges were mostly private and will remain that way; however it seems to be that “the colony in a nation” environment being nourished with blank promises and pseudo appointments by the PPP have to be confronted. The request by the President for the Opposition Leader to govel before him, before there is a meeting between them, illustrates the a kind of class servility traditionalized in some cultures.

It was the Mexican Emiliano Zapata who noted several times that:
“It is better to die on your feet, than to live a lifetime on your knees.”

Nigel Hinds


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