Police were called in after Beverly Bumbury, called Ulits, a 40-year-old woman and mother of 7 children, reportedly collapsed and died today at about 01:00 hrs. The housewife of Bonasika, Essequibo River was reportedly 8 months pregnant when she died.

Her husband, Ray Bumbury, a 45-year-old farmer, told the police that his 8-month pregnant wife had complained of feeling unwell. He further stated that she was suffering from hypertension. He said he decided to take his wife to the hospital and they departed Bonasika via boat.

The man related that during their journey on the river, his wife continued to experience discomfort and on arrival at the Hubu landing (on the East Bank of the Essequibo River) she appeared to have lost consciousness.

A report was made to the Police and efforts were made to rush her to the hospital. She was examined by a doctor on duty and pronounced dead on arrival.

The body was examined by the Police for any marks of violence but none was seen.


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