Both the Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh, and the Prime Minister, Mark Phillips have confirmed that Opposition Leader, Joseph Harmon lied to scores of citizens today during a walkabout he carried out at Bourda Market.

Former Director of Public Information, Imran Khan posted to the media, “Leader of the Opposition Hon. Joseph Harmon has just made an explosive revelation during his Bourda Market walkabout. He has disclosed that the PPP government has given $25MILLION COVID relief grants each to 50 big businesses in Guyana. This while tens of thousands of ordinary Guyanese have not yet been given the $25,000 COVID relief.”

Khan then stated, “This is actual, real breaking news.”

The former Director of Public Information was asked to provide the name or names of one or two of the businesses that benefitted. But Khan provided no such details.

Khan was further asked if Harmon has any evidence to support his claim. That too fell on deaf ears.

Guyana Standard first contacted Prime Minister Mark Phillips who was given significant responsibility in the roll out of COVID-19 grants.

Phillips said, “I am hearing this for the first time…You are talking about $1.25B. That is a major giveaway!”

Dr. Singh also confirmed that Harmon was misleading the public. Dr. Singh told Guyana Standard, “This is absolute garbage. I can confirm that there is absolutely no truth in that statement.”


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